Who We Are?

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SC Systems Sdn Bhd (SC) incorporated in 2008, specializing in systems security, data networking,storage & backup management, bandwidth management, cloud computing, BusinessContinuity/Disaster Recovery (BC/DR), Hyper-Converged infrastructure systems and services

SC provides comprehensive project handling from concept to installation through support. Our committed team and strategies solution partners can undertake every aspect of consultancy related to SC core business for our private and public sectors customers across all industries in the APAC.

For businesses that depend on extensive technologies and technical services, we execute a modern way to manage business IT with our unique approach on managed services –process –driven and cost effective network support.

We focus and responsive to our work in order to be at the top of our product in our entire service offering. We think our track record of consistent recognition through industry award is testament to our commitment to success.

Why Choose Us?

How can we help you save money

The goal is to streamline business procedures in simple way. And it’s accomplished by using secured communications technology to carry out traditional business objectives with precision, speed and at a much lower cost

We help to determine why you should choose us…

Unique: IT Security Solution is our key business; we provide a complete security solution to our customer.”Think about IT Security think about SC Systems.


We are constantly looking out for the best interest of our customers – even after the invoice. For example, if any article, report, product update, training or idea that will help your business – or benefit you in any way – you can expect us to pass it along.


We believe in people doing business together, not faceless paper-trailed entities. We will never hide away from challenges.

We build and encourage strong relationships:

Our customers are the most important thing to us. We build our business connections on honesty and integrity, ensuring that our relationship last years not months. We actively seek opportunities for both customers and partners, often going far beyond the traditional means of networking.

Positive word of mouth:

70% of our customers are derived word of mouth referrals. Our quality of work and customer service is proven by the fact that our customers have the belief and confidence refer us to other. This statistic alone sets us apart from our competitors

Proven experience:

We pride ourselves on being open, honest and impartial ensuring you get the best possible results for your project with our development expertise and experience to maintain and support nationwide project.

Trusted Network:

We have an extensive network of trusted dedicated personnel and partner who specialize in a wide range of skill. When the project requires such skills we seamlessly manage and integrate these specialists into the project, delivering perfect results everytime.

Message from Chief Executive Officer

Simplicity Counts (SC) is an important word to drive us further into today competitive world.Reducing business challenges–complexities in organization is what we all about.

SC makes IT much Simpler and Safer for you, wherever the need arises, be it locally, nationally or globally.

Drop us a message from phone call to social media today, to find out how easy to deal with SC.

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“Simplicity Counts (SC) is an important word to drive us further
into today competitive world.”